About Us

About Us

Imaging Coliseum's services emanate from a long history of film processing and digital imaging. Located in the heart of Mid-town Manhattan, we have been providing photographers and art enthusiasts with the highest quality printing and customer service for nearly 35 years. We started as a professional stock house providing film, chemistry and paper to professional photographers and commercial institutions.

Seeing the demand for photographic printing, we installed a lab and began fulfilling printing and developing needs of our clientele. We began with C-41 color negative film and quickly added B&W film processing. As needs grew we added E6 film processing as well.

The digital world was not to be denied and we added large format printing along with scanning to fill that need. We became adept at Adobe Photoshop and other software to meet the ever growing digital demands.

Wanting to provide a full image experience, we added custom framing and learned how to work with regular materials all the way through museum quality archival materials. Providing expertise in all aspects of framing.

Feeling another need, we added video transfer services. We have the ability to take 8mm, super8, 16mm reel film and digitize it. VHS, Hi-8 and Mini-DV tapes can be digitized as well. Always progressing, we provide Standard Definition, High Definition and 4K resolution files.

Our goal is to keep up and still have the art form always at heart.