Custom Framing

Custom framing is the way to show your cherished moments, favorite places and outstanding achievements. It can be something as elaborate as a wedding or something as simple as a 1st birthday party. That once in a lifetime vacation, you've always dreamed of, or that fishing trip with your buddies. A cherished piece of art purchased or a prize photo you yourself took.


Decorate the walls of your home or office in the most personal way, with things you love to look at and show to your friends, family and associates. Create the feel you want in that specific location.

  • Warm and fuzzy of the things you love (childen, grand children, family, pets, etc...)
  • Proud of the things you've accomplished (awards, certificates, diplomas, etc...)
  • Eclectic taste of the pieces of art or memorobilia you collected in your travels.

Or, mix and match and create your own form of expression !

Our Giclée fine art prints are beautifully finished in a custom frame of your choice. The combinations available between frame mouldings, mat colors (textures, too), and choice of glazing creates an amazing amount of individual tastes.

Come in and let us help you find that decorator in you.