Passport and Visa Photos

Passport and Visa Photos

The United States Government requires passport photos with very precise specifications. Imaging Coliseum offers you passport photos that are guaranteed to meet those specifications and pass U.S Government standards. We are able to fulfill all of the various sizes for International passport photos, as well. If you are not sure of the requirements, check the link below or ask us to check for you.

We will take a few different shots digitally and you can choose the one you like best. The whole process only takes 5 minutes.

ID Photos

Need a photo for a foreign passport, nurse or teacher license, application, VISA, or work ID with non-standard photo specifications? No problem! We can handle that. Just bring in a print-out of the current specifications and we'll make it happen for you.

Baby Passport Photos

Yes, we do baby passport photos, too! Please make sure your child is awake when you come in.

No Appointment Necessary (Monday - Friday 8am - 6pm)

Walk-in's are welcome! To have your photo taken, please visit our store today.


US Passport Photos (2) - 2"x2"
- Additional Set of (2) Photos $ 5.00
US Passport Photos for Baby (2) - 2"x2" $14.99
Digital Passport File 600 X 600 pixels $20.00
International Passport Photos - Set of (2) $14.99
- Additional Set of (2) Photos $ 5.00
Canadian Passport Photos - Set of (2) $24.99
Lithuanian Passport Photos Set of (2) $12.99

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