120 Roll Film Developing and Scanning

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120 Film Develop and Scan
120 Roll Film Developing and Scanning


120 Film Processing

has many options for the photographer. First, is which film process to use. C-41 color negative, B&W negative or E6 color positive. The options are for the many uses available for the film shooter. You can have the film processed normally or pushed to increase contrast and graininess or pulled to cut developing time and soften the look. The film is delivered back either uncut or in a page file sheet


are available in 2 resolutions and delivery on CD/DVD or email. The difference in the resolutions are the file size or pixel dimensions of each frame. They are 2048x2080 (12.2MB) .jpg, 4760x4832 (65.8MB) .tif. The larger the file, the more you can enlarge or crop and not have pixelization or jagged edges. The file format of .jpg is a compressed file very popular because you can use less room on your card or drive. The file format of .tiff is uncompressed and is lossless.


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